“Sons of bitches” or Not, We All Need to Unite as Americans

When I go to a sporting event, or any other place for that matter, and the national anthem of the United States plays, I place my hand over my heart and face the flag.

It’s just what I’ve always done and what I’ve come to believe is the proper thing to do when the national anthem is played. Now, as a father, I’ve taught my young children to do the same and I hope that in the future they also teach their children to do the same.

My children and I watch sporting events together, both in person and on television. Recently, during many of those games on TV or in person we have seen athletes make the decision to kneel during the playing of our national anthem. Though my kids are young they’ve noticed the players kneeling. My daughter, who is only eight years old, asked me last week, “why is the guy on the TV kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner? Does that make you mad?”.

My response to her was simple, he’s kneeling because that’s what he feels is right just as we hold our hands over our hearts and face the flag because that is what we feel is right. I continued to tell her that I wasn’t mad, it’s his right as an American to do as he pleases with his freedom of speech and if she ever felt the same way she could also do that. But I hope that she does not have to.

Even though I believe that everyone should stand for the playing of our national anthem, as a tribute to those who gave their lives for this country and allow us to be here demonstrating our freedom of speech, it would be hypocritical of me to tell someone else what to do when they’re only doing what they feel is right.

When Colin Kaepernick first began kneeling for the national anthem, my immediate reaction was that he should stand and respect the flag and those that died protecting it, thus allowing him the opportunity to play a game and make millions of dollars. However, after listening to him and hearing what he wanted to accomplish by protesting silently, I began to understand exactly what he felt. He wasn’t kneeling because of his own injustice or because he was ungrateful for the millions of dollars he has made or the opportunities he has been given, but more so to bring into the light, the darkness that those without such a stage were dealing with.

What started as Colin Kaepernick doing what he felt was right, has turned into a fairly large following of mostly NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest social injustices in this country.

Until tonight, I never felt Like it was something I should write about. As I stated earlier in this piece, I don’t necessarily agree with kneeling, but I understand it. However, comments by President Trump about firing the “sons of bitches” who kneel during the national anthem, while at a rally of his in Alabama struck a chord with me and made me think maybe it’s time I use my freedom of speech and let these thoughts pour out of my head.

There is one thing that bothers me immensely more than someone kneeling for the national anthem ever could and that is hypocrisy.

President Trump’s comments tonight should allow him to be a first ballot member in the hypocrisy Hall of Fame. This is a Man who talks about freedom of speech and how great of a country United States is all while trying to silence anyone who disagrees with him.

Enough is enough.

If you truly want to make America great again, then we need to stop dividing this country and once again become the United States of America by acknowledging that everyone has their basic freedoms such as the freedom of speech that are constitution has given us And because of that has a right to do or say what they feel is necessary. Trump has his right to call anyone sons of bitches, just as those who feel social injustices have the right to kneel during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

The biggest difference is that the comments of the leader of the free world come across as angry, spiteful, and hateful. This is a man who called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people” before coming out days later stating that there was blame on “both sides” and yet called those who stage peaceful and quiet protests “Sons of bitches” that deserve to be fired.

What bothers me the most about it, is that maybe these men are trying to make America great again, trying to make the flag stand for everything that it should, a united, peaceful country, where those of all colors and cultures are given the freedom to live as they please. Isn’t that the idea that this country was founded on?

Even more confusing, is why these comments are needed by the president as we are country trying to heal from multiple hurricanes that affected Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Millions of people need help, food, shelter, and especially in Puerto Rico face months without electricity.

The more bothersome fact is that these comments are not even the most recent batch of ridiculous blabber coming from President Trump when it comes to something other than politics or fixing this country.

Last week, the White House and Trump came out saying that ESPN host Jemele Hill should be fired for a tweet where she called the President a “white supremacist”. While I do not necessarily agree with that statement, when you hold a rally, in Alabama, and get a rise out of calling out black men as “sons of bitches”, the needle starts to sway a little more towards Hill being closer to right than wrong.


Stop focusing on getting a rise out of people at your rallies and begin to focus on fixing the things that truly matter. The actions of this administration are getting harder and harder to understand or defend.

Whether we are white or black, Asian or Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever race or nationality we are, the divisiveness needs to stop and we need to realize that there are good and bad people of every race and culture.

Can that happen while Trump is in office? For the sake of my children, I hope so, but I am beginning to lose faith in that.

If this country truly wants to be great again we need to come together not as a race or a culture but as a country and as Americans. Just because you don’t believe in something and you may find it wrong, doesn’t mean that it is wrong. We can have a difference of opinion’s, but if we are going to truly believe that we have the freedom of speech to do or say what we please then we need to stop being hypocrites and allow everyone else those same thoughts and ideals.

This Sunday, when the NFL is set to play its slate of games, here is to hope that ALL players stand or kneel united as one group of “sons of bitches” and as Americans.

Ravens Give Browns Headaches in 24-10 Stomping

DeShone Kizer threw three interceptions as the Baltimore Ravens (2-0) gave the rookie headaches all afternoon long en route to a 24-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns (0-2) at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday.

Kizer, who missed more than a quarter while dealing with a migraine, was unable to gain much traction against a Baltimore defense that has no forced 10 turnovers in just eight quarters this season.

With the Browns trailing 14-0 midway through the second quarter after Joe Flacco found Javorious Allen for a nine-yard Ravens touchdown, Kizer exited the game, giving way to back up quarterback Kevin Hogan. Hogan gave the Browns life, leading the sputtering offense on a six-play and 83-yard drive that ended with a 23-yard touchdown pass from Hogan to rookie tight end David Njoku that pulled the Browns within one score at 14-7.

That was the peak of the Browns offensive day as Hogan took a step backward on his next two drives, the first ending on a three and out, and the next ending on an ugly Hogan pass that was intercepted by Ravens linebacker Tyus Bowser. The Bowser interception set Baltimore up with a chance to capitalize on the Browns mistake, and that they did, when Flacco found Jeremy Maclin in the endzone to end the first half with the home team ahead 21-7.

Kizer returned with just over eight minutes remaining in the third quarter with the Browns trailing 21-10 but threw two of his three picks after returning. His second pick came at a crucial moment of the game when the Browns clinging to hope. Deep in Ravens territory, Kizer looked to hit Rashard Higgins in the endzone but was late and Baltimore corner Ladarius Webb snared the pass to put the Browns chances on life support.

His final interception came with just over six minutes left in the game and essentially was the nail in the coffin in a two-possession game on the road.

Kizer finished 15 of 31 for 182 yards and three picks and a QB Rating of 27.3. Hogan was 5 of 11 for 118 yards with one touchdown and one pick and a QB rating of 77.1. Neither was helped by the run game which was nowhere to be found once again as the team only ran 14 times. Not exactly the type of game plan to help a rookie QB in his first road start against a tough division foe.

Flacco threw for 217 yards, two touchdowns, and had one interception. Allen added 66 yards on the ground on 14 carries, while former Browns tight end Ben Watson served as Flacco’s biggest target on the afternoon as he snagged eight balls for 91 yards.

The Browns receiving core got a boost from Higgins, who was just elevated from the practice squad on Saturday, as he pulled in seven catches for 95-yards. Set DeValve, who had a 49-yard catch that spurred the Hogan touchdown drive, finished with 61 yards receiving.

Cleveland will look to get the elusive w next week when they travel to Indianapolis to face the winless Colts.

Thomas Reaches 10,000 Snaps

On the fourth offensive play of the day for the Browns, standout left tackle Joe Thomas reached 10,000 consecutive snaps for his career. The ironman from Wisconsin has battled countless nagging injuries, 22 quarterbacks, and countless enemies, but always manages to be on the field for a franchise that has been rebuilding for his entire career.

Congrats Joe. Here is to 10,000 more…and maybe some victories to help ease the pain.

Collins Leaves with Concussion, Coleman with Hand Injury

Browns linebacker Jamie Collins, who had one of his worst games in an orange and brown uniform, left the game with an injury in the third quarter. Following the game, it was determined that the former pro bowler is dealing with a concussion.

Receiver Corey Coleman, who has seemed to build a connection with Kizer, left the game with a hand injury. The former first rounder out of Baylor, broke his hand last season and the fear is that he has done it again.

Browns-Ravens Pregame Thoughts

  • The Browns held the Steelers and all world running back Le’Veon Bell to just 35 yards rushing last week. The Ravens only threw the ball three times in the second half against Cincinnati last week in a 20-0 victory over the offensively challenged Bengals. QB Joe Flacco only completed one pass of more than 10 yards. Something will have to give. Are the Browns as good against the run as they showed? If so, they could make it a long day for the Ravens offense.
  • Flacco threw just 17 times last week but is notorious for destroying the Browns. Last season he threw for nearly 600 yards and five touchdowns in two games.
  • DeShone Kizer looked very solid last week against a really good Pittsburgh front seven. He will have to be even better today against the Ravens defense which has excellent linebackers. Terrell Suggs seems to be an ageless wonder and CJ Mosley is really coming into his own as an NFL player. Along with youngsters Kamalei Correa and Patrick Onwuasor they are deep and instinctive. The Ravens linebackers all read play action extremely well and also get their hands up quick when rushing which can force even the veteran quarterbacks of the league to throw nearly a handful of interceptions (looking at you Andy Dalton).
  • The Ravens secondary is also very good. It’s a veteran mix that will prove to be a challenge for the Browns young wide outs. Safeties Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle are extremely talented ball hawks who can also tackle.
  • Cleveland will have seven wide outs dressed for Sunday’s game after bringing Rashard Higgins up from the practice squad. The Ravens will have only a few corners healthy for the game with Jaylen Hill and Sheldon Price both ruled out. That leaves talented corners Brandon Carr, Jimmy Smith, Marlon Humphrey, and nickel back Ladarius Webb as the only healthy corners. Maybe by adding Higgins the Browns are hoping to beat the talented secondary by using fresh men on a consistent basis against an undermanned unit.
  • While they may try to use their depth to win in the passing game, it’ll be the running game they determines whether or not the Browns win this game. Isaiah Crowell carries 17 times last week for just 33 yards and looked hesitant at the line of scrimmage. The Browns and especially Kizer will need him to be more decisive. If the line opens holes for him, he needs to stick his foot in the ground and go. They can’t win this game without a solid contribution from Crowell.
  • The play above accounted for a loss of yards. That is a huge hole to run through by NFL standards.
  • Kenny Britt’s drop on second and 19 last week may have cost the Browns the game. Yes, there were other factors that contributed to the loss, I get that. On the play before Britt’s drop, Browns center JC Tretter was destroyed by Steelers defensive linemen Javon Hargrave who pushed Tretter back like he was on roller skates for a sack of Kizer and a nine yard loss. On the next play, the rookie QB moved forward in the pocket, went through his progressions, and found a wide open Britt near the first down marker only to see his vet wide out drop it. Drops are a part of the game but that play needs to be made. All the momentum was trending in the Browns direction and that hurt.
  • The Browns are a much improved team all around. They proved that last week. In order to beat this Ravens team they will have to shut down the run game and keep veteran wide outs Mike Wallace and Jeremy Marlin from making big plays. Look for Greg Williams to use a similar strategy to what he used last week against the Steelers where he sent his safeties back 20-25 yards from the line of scrimmage to keep the corners from getting beat deep. The game plan all but nullified deep threat Martavis Bryant last week.
  • While I think the Browns have an excellent chance at winning this game, there is just as good a chance that they get blown out. The Baltimore defense is really talented. The linebackers look like they can give a rookie QB nightmares whether they are hitting him or knocking his passes around to cause turnovers. Kizer will have to take what the defense gives him which means Duke Johnson could be the key to a win with Kizer completing dump-off passes to the Swiss Army knife out of Miami. If Duke can break one or two, flip the field, it would go a long way to helping his QB and team.
  • With all things considered I think the Browns will play well, but fall short in a 16-13 loss in Baltimore.
  • Fantasy guys to have in this game: Duke in PPR leagues. Corey Coleman and Kizer have a connection and he will likely lead the Browns in targets. He could be a high WR3. You could also run out Maclin or Wallace in deep leagues as WR3 or flex. Javorious Allen is the Ravens version of Duke and also gets carries out of the backfield, he could be a deep flex guy. The real wildcard here is Flacco, who always kills the Browns. He’s a risk due to his back, but could be high reward if you roll with him.
  • Pictures in this article courtesy of the NFL, CBS, and NFL Gamepass app.

Predicting the Browns 53 Man Roster

Following a 4-0 preseason, the Browns will be faced with some tough decisions as they cut the roster from 90 players to 53 by 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Here are my predictions for each spot:

QB (3)

DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan

RB (3)

Isaiah Crowell, Duke Johnson, Matthew Dayes

FB (1)

Dan Vitale

WR (6)

Corey Coleman, Kenny Britt, Rashard Higgins, Ricardo Louis, Jordan Leslie, Rannel Hall. Could also see Hall or Leslie being let go in favor of a waiver wire pickup.

TE (3)

David Njoku, Seth DeValve, Randall Telfair

OLine (8)

Joe Thomas, Joel Bitonio, JC Tretter, Kevin Zeitler, Shon Coleman, John Greco, Austin Reiter, Rod Johnson

DE (5)

Myles Garrett, Emmanuel Ogbah, Tyrone Holmes, Carl Nassib, Nate Orchard

DT (5)

Danny Shelton, Jamie Meder, Larry Ogunjobi, Trevon Coley, Caleb Brantley

LB (6)

Christian Kirksey, Jamie Collins, Joe Schobert, Dominique Alexander, probably two waiver guys.

CB (5)

Jason McCourty, Jamar Taylor, Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Marcus Burley, Trey Caldwell

S (5)

Jabrill Peppers, Derrick Kindred, Ibraheim Campbell, Kai Nacua, Calvin Pryor III

Special Teams (3)

K Zane Gonzalez

P Britton Colquitt

LS Charlie Hughlett

Practice Squad players from current roster: Channing Stribling, Najee Murray, Kenneth Olugbode, BJ Bello, Karter Schult