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Dawg Biscuits: What Should the Browns Do with Pryor?

***Dawg Biscuits is a daily rundown of thoughts, news, and opinions on the Cleveland Browns***

  • Terrelle Pryor was the Browns best weapon in the wide receiving corps with 77 catches for 1077 yards and four touchdowns in 2016. It was his first season as a full time wide out. Now, after putting up those numbers, he is a free agent and there is a lot of pressure on the Browns to bring him back. So what should the Browns do? Guarantee a guy who had one good season $20 to $30 million over a five year deal averaged at $10-$11 million or should they play it safe and sign him to a franchise tender worth more than $15 million for one season? Hard to say at this point, but I am leaning towards the franchise tag being the best move for the long term. I will touch more on this in a full length article later this week.
  • Crazy stat on Pryor…47% of his 1077 yards came in four games…
  • Personal opinion on Pryor…he is only scratching the surface of what he can do, but will he build on the hype?
  • Pro Football Focus graded all rookie quarterbacks. Dak Prescott was number one with an 84.9 grade. Carson Wentz was number two with a 76.8 grade…and the biggest surprise…Cody Kessler was number three with a 74.2 grade.
  • Number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft Jared Goff was also graded. His grade was an abysmal 39.7
  • I liked Goff the most out of all quarterbacks last season. I still think he has a tremendous skill set, especially suited for a west coast offense.
  • While we are talking quarterbacks…Jimmy Garoppolo has gone from Patriots backup to an almost legendary status. I like his skills. Still think his deep ball is below average, but I will admit I am intrigued by his skills. In my opinion, he may never be a top 12 QB, but as far as his value, it is whatever a team sees him to be, and I won’t hate Sashi if he gives up the number 12 pick. The man has earned my trust on his trades thus far…
  • Last thing on a QB…if the Bills release Tyrod Taylor, they are idiots. Plain and Simple. His contract is the 20th highest annual value for a QB and he is better than a top 20 QB in my opinion.
  • That is all for today. Just spilling some thought into the computer. Come back for more everyday here on OrangeandBrown365.com. Check me out on twitter @SomervilleCle and feel free to email us at OAB365@gmail.com