Dawg Biscuits: Draft Edition

***Dawg Biscuits is a daily rundown of thoughts, news, and opinions on the Cleveland Browns.***

  • Rumors continue to swirl that the Browns are thinking about taking North Carolina QB and Mentor, Ohio native Mitchell Trubisky with the number one overall pick. While I wrote the other day that the Browns draft is about more than just 2017 and that taking he QB, if you believe he is a franchise type, is a no brainer, this pick should still be Myles Garrett.
  • Speaking of rumors…now there is talk that the 49ers are thinking about taking Trubisky at 2. I don’t buy that. I think the Niners want to trade out of the 2 spot and would prefer to add picks. If they are unable to move back, I think Solomon Thomas from Stanford would be the pick.
  • Watched a lot of Davis Webb this weekend. While he has some arm talent, he is Brandon Weeden-esque against the pass rush. He panics and instantly gets happy feet. I still have him currently as my fifth ranked quarterback, but he is a project and not only because of the panic and happy feet, but most of his throws were inside 10 yards.
  • There are only four quarterbacks in this draft I would take in the first 65 picks, Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, in that order. Only Trubisky and Mahomes have first round grades on my board.
  • Watson’s 45 mile per hour throw at the combine has been brought up a lot, mainly because that is a really weak mark for an NFL quarterback. However, I don’t believe it was indicative of his actual arm strength. On film it looks like he is throwing a lot harder, while leaving something to be desired, but remember Dak Prescott threw soft at the combine last year (due to a later disclosed injury) and ended up being pretty damn good.
  • NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah selected Garrett and Alabama LB Reuben Foster for the Browns in the NFL Network Live Mock Draft last night. While I love Foster’s ability, he is falling fast due to off the field issues so 12 would be a little high for him most likely. More importantly however is that the NFL is now a passing league more than ever and because of that teams are in nickel defense 60-70% of the time. The Browns two best defenders Christian Kirksey and Jamie Collins will be on the field in nickel, making Foster a part-time player. Not what the Browns want from the 12th overall pick.
  • Don’t be surprised if the Browns take the best available at 1 and 12 and do not force the quarterback issue. I like Mahomes and Trubisky, but love next years class.
  • I think Foster and Washington WR John Ross both fall to round 2.
  • Watson may be the first QB taken because of his intangibles and will be an easy sell to a fan base…(looking at you New York Jets)
  • Mahomes is the biggest boom or bust player in this draft. Is he Favre or Jay Cutler?
  • The Jaguars will NOT take Leonard Fournette at 4.
  • Fournette might go after Christian McCaffery.
  • Anything you want to add? Argue about? Get off your mind? Follow me on twitter @SomervilleCLE or email us at OAB365@gmail.com

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